LWanda Jawar (Sense8)

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How did you hear about this role?

I heard about the role from a local casting director- Nini Wacera , who is also an actress that I have worked with. I auditioned, got a call back and finally met the director Tom Tykwer with whom I had a short chat about the role. After our chat I was told the role was mine.

What made you want to play such a hated character?

For me as an actor it is never about whether or not a character is liked or hated. Its always about the challenge that the role demands of me.

What was it like working with such a diverse cast and crew?

I would sum up the whole experience as fantastic! The diversity in the cast and crew just made the experience more interesting.

Have you ever worked on anything this big before? I have worked in feature films…

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Paul Ogola (Jela) Sense8

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I had the privilege to interview our favorite best friend and endlessly smiling optimist, Paul Ogola or Jela as most of you will know him from #Sense8.  I asked him about his part in the show, and here’s what he had to say.

How did you hear about Sense8?

I was contacted for auditions. The Kenyan casting director Nini Wacera was told by Tom Tykwer, to look for me and have me audition for the role, I was told that Tom said that “Paul is the only crazy person to try this role…” lol trust me I still do not know what that mean. So, I auditioned then after a few days I was notified that I was shortlisted and have to go for another round of audition. Went in, did my thing and the rest is history.

What drew you to the show?

First of, who I was going…

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Interview with Brian J Smith

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I had the great privilege to interview one of the stars of the Netflix cult classic, Sense8, Brian J Smith, who played Will.  I was able to ask him about his experience working with such a large diverse cast and working with the legendary directors, Lana and Lily Wachowski.  Here’s what he had to say.  I hope you enjoy and want to watch the series on Netflix after getting to know him better.

How did you hear about Sense8?

I remember I was doing The Glass Menagerie on Broadway, I think this was the winter of 2013 or 2014. It was a really happy time of my life, and I knew that whatever I did after that play would be an important step for me. My agent called one day and mentioned something about Netflix and the Wachowskis and I remember something about that combo feeling exciting. Ironically, at the…

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Texas Hill Country Adventure

I find myself sitting on the back porch of River Haven Cabins in Leakey, TX.  The atmosphere is peaceful.  The slow moving river provides a nice ambiance as I relax with a good cup of coffee and try my hand at blogging.

  Before we left home my husband spent all day Christmas making King Ranch Chicken, a Lasagna, and marinating steaks so we would not have to expend to much energy cooking once we arrived at the River. 


Half The Adventure Is Getting There


  We left home early in the morning to beat the after Christmas traffic which seemed to be a success.  The highway was dark until we got to our first turnoff.  The drive was gorgeous avoiding the main highways for the most part spending the majority of the time on winding country roads.  Small towns like Jordanton, Devine, and Hondo are charming breaks in the landscape. 

River Haven Cabins


We arrived after getting lost briefly due to some Google map confusion at about 11am.  Cabin management was nice enough to let us check in before the normal check in time of 2pm. Though I would not recommend trying to do that during their peak seasons. 

The cabin we are staying in is a two room duplex cabin, each having two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a well equipped kitchen, dining table and sitting area.  Rates are great at $128.00 per night during their off season.  Towels and bedding are supplied as well as soap for bathing though shampoo and conditioner not among their complimentary toiletries.

  Traveling with two young children can sometimes be difficult but or seven and two years olds settled in right away.  We don’t have cable at home so anywhere with Cartoon Network is heaven for them.


Temperatures reached right around freezing overnight as their was a good bit of ice on the car, but by noon you could comfortably go out in short sleeves.

My two boys thought it would be a great idea to go for a swim while we took a hike along the river despite the waters cold temperature, but they had a blast.  Their daddy carried the youngest back up the steep steps to the cabin for a nice nap in a warm bed.

Despite a geocaching debacle involving the head of a large metal chicken we are having a wonderful time.

Tomorrow we are heading to Lost Maples State Park.

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